NPUST Represents Taiwan on Green University Steering Committee

綠色大學全球主席高峰會 屏科為國爭光

NPUST has consistently seen excellent results on the Greenmetric World University Rankings one year after the next, and recently received further affirmation when it was asked by Universitas Indonesia to become a permanent member of the Green University Steering Committee. President Chang-Hsien Tai expressed deep gratitude for this honor and opportunity to continue to be an advocate for eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Thus, without hesitation, he accepted the invitation travel to Turkey to take part in Workshop on UI GreenMetric World University Rankings and the Steering Committee Forum.In Turkey, NPUST’s President Tai met with the representative of Universitas Indonesia, which is the GreenMetric Secretariat, and other members on the Steering Committee coming from England, Italy, Russia, Thailand, Denmark, Brazil, Ireland, Columbia, Malaysia, Turkey, and Iran. At the forum, each country was represented by only one university or agency, thus, NPUST’s invitation to the event was both an indication of its international affirmation as well as an important responsibility.The focus of discussions was on how to adjust the Greenmetric Ranking with respect to problems resulting from limitations experienced by different countries, while also building a good system and network which can facilitate diverse countries to more effectively implement the original goal of the Green University competition. They also looked at working to further encourage international higher education institutions to use education as a cornerstone to emphasize environmental protection and sustainability.President Tai believes that “in addition to the role universities play in transmitting knowledge through education, they should also use their influence to become bridges of communication to the public and to actively advocate concepts of environmental protection. They should also research and develop related technology that can be applied to improving academics while giving focus to the ideas behind the Green University initiative. Universities can promote a Greener world and use the platform of education and products of innovative R&D in a two-pronged approach to bring about Green University ideals.” President Tai also suggested that in addition to the current items of ranking, which focus on on-campus policy implementation, they should also expand to include the universities’ performances in promoting Green issues, in order to add impetus to the Green mission.As Taiwan’s representative, during the forum, President Tai also proposed that in order to help other universities in Taiwan to be more active in their responses to the ranking, it should emphasize concepts of environment and ecological protection. Following much discussion, Universitas Indonesia and other member countries affirmed the past investments made by NPUST, and the university was selected to host the 2022 Green University Global Steering Committee Forum and International Workshop on UI GreenMetric. Next year (2018), the forum and workshop will be hosted in Indonesia, followed by Ireland in 2019, Iran in 2020 and Malaysia in 2021.During the forum President Tai signed the World Green University Declaration, formalizing NPUST’s emphasis and commitment to Green issues. Thus, in the future the university will be more qualified to play a role in the promotion of Green education. Currently there are 75 countries and 515 universities taking part in the competition, using self-evaluation and assessment as a basis, while also partaking in workshops to learn from other universities and work to improve shortcomings. The Greenmetric World University Ranking secretariat hopes that next year, the number of universities taking part in the competition will exceed 1000. President Tai also expressed the fact that, as a member of the Steering Committee, NPUST has the duty to strongly assist with the promotion of the cause.This year’s forum was held at the historic Istanbul University (IU), alumni of which have seen outstanding success in all sectors; especially politics and public services. It is also the most influential university in the country. During the forum the interaction between representatives of IU and NPUST was intimate, and their university president, Dr. Mahmut AK, and President Tai enjoyed a cordial talk with one another. They also agreed to strengthen future academic exchange and made plans for a first ever visit to Taiwan by the Turkish institute, as well as the signing of an MOU to promote faculty and student interaction and academic cooperation on agricultural and environmental technology. This conference was an “ice-breaking” trip for NPUST in Turkey, but has also led to the successful establishment of a bridge-head in the mid-east and helped expand the university’s internationalization efforts.