On December 24th an experience harvest camp was held at the NPUST Sustainable Farm. The director of the NPUST Center for Education Extension, Ke-Chung Peng worked together with the principal of Lin-Yun Elementary School and a number of teachers and students to put the activity on.
From October 12th to 15th (2020), the University of Indonesia “GreenMetric University Ranking Workshop” brought together members from around the world to discuss sustainability and the future of the organization. Unlike in the past, this year’s annual workshop was not hosted on the campus of a member university – but went virtual instead. Over 600 members from 47 countries joined the grand online event, which was co-hosted by University of Zanjan.
Using a variety of environmentally friendly methods, such as smart management and Green ecology, the NPUST Center for Smart Farming is making leaps and bounds in its efforts to improve rice production. In an expression of gratitude to its neighbors, on July 21, the university offered 500 kgs of the rice it produced as a gift to families in the Laopi and Chunglin village.
Keeping in step with smart phone AI technology trends in Taiwan, the Department of Soil and Water Conservation at NPUST has been cooperating with the university’s College of Engineering and the Bureau of Soil and Water Conservation to develop the “i-Learning Soil and Water Conservation” APP. The software, which is a national first, is helping to usher in a new era of learning by integrating learning content with digital devices to create virtual outdoor classrooms.