“Godfather” of Organic Agriculture Named Top Ten Outstanding Agriculturalist


Director and professor at the Department of Plant Industry, Dr. Chong-Ho Wang, has been invested in research on organic agriculture, soil productivity, re-use of agriculture waste and rationalized fertilization for many years now and the results of his research and develop can be read about in the 700 plus literary contributions that he has seen published in a variety of journals, magazines, technical books and conference publications throughout his career.Through his work, Dr. Wang has helped to raise the bar for agriculture technology in Taiwan. He has actively been involved with organic farming technology transfers, cultivated talented agriculturalists and equipped agriculture workers with valuable knowledge in their field. The valued contributions he has made have not only earned him the reputation of being “godfather of organic agriculture”, but have now also earned him recognition at this year’s Top Ten Outstanding Agriculturalists Awards.NPUST President Chang-Hsien Tai stated that “for eight years in a row, professors from NPUST have been singled out to receive the Top Ten Outstanding Agriculturalists award. This is a reflection of the outstanding contributions that NPUST professors are making in the field of agriculture with respect to academics, industry-academic cooperation, talent cultivation and agriculture extension. Professor Wang is a superb professor – and in order to promote and implement organic agriculture in Taiwan, he has traversed the country. He has made outstanding contributions in the promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture, raising the standard of agriculture management and technology for farmers in Taiwan. His work has been affirmed by his peers and now he has been selected to receive the Top Ten Outstanding Agriculturalists award”.The dean of the NPUST College of Agriculture also shared some comments on the award winning professor, stating that “almost every organic farmer from every corner of Taiwan has taken an organic farming course from Professor Wang, even Malaysian businesses have come to learn from him. He is an important figure in the development of talent for the promotion of safe food and crop cultivation”.Professor Wang also currently serves as the Chairman of the Association of Taiwan Organic Agriculture Promotion, Vice Chairman of Chinese Sustainable Agriculture Association and as member of a variety of other agriculture education committees actively promoting organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture operations, organic fertilizer production and applied and economic crop fertilizer technology.