Department of Forestry Workshop Promotes Low Elevation Mountain Ecological Conservation


The Pingtung District Management Office, the NPUST Forest Department, the Dongpian Community Development Association, the Dongpian Precious Stone Village Co., Ltd. and Guansheng Ecology Co., Ltd. jointly organized a workshop on “Gaoping District Ecological Construction Project for Low Elevation Mountain Ecological Conservation”.Today (8/17), from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, a series of wonderful speeches and eco-experience activities were held with many experts on low elevation mountain conservation and agricultural sales were invited to take part in the discussion. These included former professor of the the NPUST Department of Forestry Zhao-zhen Chen Assistant Professor Wei Wei, and Mr. Qing-yuan Lin, a marketer of eagle red beans.The participating experts and scholars on ecological promotion issues shared their experiences through workshops and discussion. The event highligted the “Friendly Earthly Mountain Initiative Environmental Education Promotion Plan” which was organized by Dongpian Community as a community forestry project. The goal is to gather local farmers and introduce them to planting characteristics, production methods and processing knowledge on such products as dragon fruit, cocoa and vanilla.The team from NPUST, the Dongpu Village Community Development Association and Guansheng Ecological Co., Ltd. also jointly developed the “Hard Working Farmer” board game with images on the cards were drawn by the local villagers. The game was created to simulate the problems experienced throughout the farming process and to promote friendly farming methods, with subject matter based on the local agricultural products of Dongpian Village. Through the game people can gain a better understanding of rural production, ecologies and famer life-styles. Hopes are to stimulate local energy and continuously enhance the vitality of local creation.The Director of the Pingtung District Management Office, Mr. Wei- jun Zhang, said: “By cooperating with NPUST University’s a preliminarily inventory of the whole region ecosystem has been conducted. In the future, under the concept of low elevation mountain ecological conservation, community-friendly agricultural products will be produced.The NPUST Department of Forestry uses a theoretical foundations and practical approaches towards community service, helping to promote local creation and rural vitality.” Mr. Lin Qingyuan, the promoter of eagle red beans said: “Friendly farming methods are used for Eagle Red Bean protects. The current brand has been established as a way to promote the idea of the eco-friendly planting red beans by other farmers and to help conservation ecology. “The versatility of agro-ecology is the cornerstone of social culture and ecological resilience. The NPUST Forestry Department has been focusing on sustainable issues for many years. In the process of agricultural production, there can be impacts on wild animals. It is necessary to work through the professional production and academic circles to repair rural ecosystems through appropriate management methods and, at the same time, achieve a balance between people, animals and the land.