The community forestry research group was established in 2004. Our goal is to empower local communities and to promote ecotourism. We have devoted ourselves to surveying the unique culture and resources of the local communities and transforming them into a “Deep Economy” which emphasizes the concept of local purchasing and creates an environmentally sustainable system. We develop local models of ecotourism and promote them on a regional level. We have cultivated a long-term relationship with the communities neighboring the Kenting National Park (Pingtung Provincial Highway No. 26) and the indigenous tribes of Northern Pingtung (Pingtung Provincial Highway No. 24). Our research has twice been awarded First Place for Action Plan Performance in the National Sustainable Development Awards. Several tribes whom we have assisted over the long term have become model cases. For example, the “Tourism and Visitor Management in Protected Areas — Guidelines for Sustainability,” published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2014, introduced the practices of the Kenting Shirding Tribe to the wider public concerned about worldwide biodiversity. Our research group has created more than 100 Pingtung Ecotourism Travel Tours and service systems, with packages including restaurants, hotels, transportation, farmers’ markets offering specialty produce and food, and other creative and cultural activities. We promote the Under-forest Economy of the tribes and develop the six-grade industry of the communities. Since 2012, we have counselled numerous students and members of local communities, and helped them to create their own social enterprises.