We put waste in the right place.

50 %
Toxic waste handled
50 %
In/organic waste
50 %
Sewage disposal

We well recognize that waste treatment and recycling activities are major factors in creating a sustainable environment. In the past few years, recycling programs are extensively applied in NPUST and toxic wastes are completely contained, inventoried and handled. In/organic wastes are overall fully composted or recycled.

Cow Manure

School feeding 63 cows in the livestock farm. The liquid portion of manure, after being separating by Solid Liquid Seperating Machine, is used to irrigate the pastureland; the solid part of the waste is made into dried organic cow manure and then packaged and sold.


Organic Wastes

NPUST organic wastes from student cafeteria, campus fallen leaves, aquatic plants in the ecological lake, and internship products of Agricultural College, will be treated in a special open space in a natural way.


Waste Woods

The waste woods produced in Department of Wood Science and Design will be gathered in the Center for the Environmental Protection, Safety, and Health, and then are made into tables and chairs to be reused after re-painting.

Setting and Infrastructure
Energy and Climate Change